Auto Repairs

Having car trouble? Let us help you get back on the road with our personal loans here in El Paso. OK Finance signature loans are fast and convenient so you can get back in your car quickly and easily.

Need a new transmission or did your radiator break? An auto repair can be a very costly expense and being without a car is likely not an option for you. Missing work or being late is not an option, we can help ease the pain of fixing your car. With our easy and affordable payment plan we can help get you back on the road quickly. Cash Loans when you need it!

You may be tempted to get a payday loan, but payday loans can turn into a nightmare and end up costing you several times more than you borrowed making it almost impossible to payback your payday lender. Our loans have a much more reasonable rate and can spread the loan term over a short or longer period. Our affordable installment payment plans are designed to fit your needs. Come see us soon or apply online.

  • Minimum Loan Requirements
    • Minimum of 6 months at your current job (full time or 32 hours per week)
    • Last 2 check stubs or proof of income
    • Proof of address under your name (utility bills, etc.)
    • State issued driver’s license or identification from TX or NM
    • Social security card
    • 4 references family only, name, address, phone number.
    • Checking or savings account
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